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Before beginning with the preliminary tests our specialists study and understand your lifestyle, health routines, desires and needs. This also helps to access the extent and degree of damage that needs to be fixed. Certain preliminary tests are then performed which includes the morphology of your breasts, examining the skin tone, blood analysis of know the level of coagulation, mammography, and electrocardiogram. According to the reports, our specialists decide if you are fit to undergo the surgery. Breast augmentation can be performed through various techniques which include insertion of prostheses made from silicone gel or physiological solution, transfer of autologous fat and more. A surgical process which best benefits the patient is performed by our plastic surgeons.

Our Plastic Surgeon Naples successfully operated and changed the lives of so many young and old women. From complicated to common reconstruction or cosmetic procedures we give our 100% to every case. Some of the common cosmetic procedures include reshaping the nose ( rhinoplasty), making breasts smaller (reduction mammoplasty) or larger (augmentation mammoplasty), and removing fat from specific spots on the body which is known as liposuction. We use modern technology for operation so that there is the least chance of any side effects or failure. Plastic surgery does not mean that you end up with a face or body full of fake stuff. It�s just used to give your perfect self a form or mold that will make you feel that perfection inside-out.

We specialize in reconstructive and aesthetic rinofiller naso costo surgeries and we also make use of innovative ways and modern technology while working on the face. Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is one of the most popular aesthetic surgery interventions and nearly 47 thousand females underwent this surgery in 2016 according to a report. This surgery not only increases or reduces the size of your breasts but also improves its shape along with other benefits.

There are a number of reasons why you might feel the need for breast augmentation. You might want to harmonize the difference in size between the two breasts, or you want to improve their shape. Whatever the reason, plastic surgery in the form of breast augmentation can be a wise choice, and it can also be really helpful to be done after having breast cancer or after pregnancy to correct the changes in the shape or volume. You need not worry about anything as our specialists for rinofiller naso costo will perform all the necessary tests to find out how and when to operate and also if it is absolutely necessary.

Treatment for certain imperfections of the body or the face is beyond the scope of medicines. Also, medicines have their own side effects of prolonged use. In such cases, plastic surgery is one of the most reliable and effective treatment sources. Within days span the imperfections which were defining your personality and you will be gone for a long good time. Plastic surgery is like an instant relief from the social pressure you might be facing. Plastic surgery can change your ability to function and does wonders on your physical appearance. Thousands of people have already made the most from plastic surgery.

There are literally hundreds and thousands of medical conditions that one comes across on a daily basis, and some of these physical issues are such that they cannot be treated only with medicines. These issues are such that if medicines are used for a long time, then they can lead to irreversible effects on your hormones. However, there is a solution to this issue and it is known as rinofiller naso costo surgery. Apart from the taboo around it that it can be used only to make yourself look good, it can be used in various other efficient and effective ways of treatment for people all around the world. Not only does it make you look better than you used to, but it also induces a lot of confidence in people.

Our specialists understand your desires and at the same time access the degree and extent of the defect that needs to be corrected immediately. Our team also studies the state of lifestyle that you have and your health routines. The morphology of your breasts and the tone of the skin is examined as well. We perform some preliminary tests such as blood analysis to know the level of coagulation, electrocardiogram and mammography. Only once you are declared fit for the surgery by our specialists the further process is designed. Then we illustrate various surgical techniques including the transfer of autologous fat, inserting prostheses made from physiological solution or from silicone gel and other techniques best suited for your particular case.

Our Plastic Surgeon Naples is highly experienced and specializes in a number of reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgeries. Some of which include cleft lip or cleft palate, nose reshaping also known as rhinoplasty, reduction mammoplasty and augmentation mammoplasty that is making breasts smaller or larger respectively, breast reconstruction, breast lift, liposuction, facelift, ear reshaping, facial implants and more. Whichever be the case, we give our 100% to it. There are nearly no side effects involved in these surgical procedures as they are backed by modern technology. There is a notion amongst people that plastic surgery is just to fill the body and face with fake stuff. Well, it is not true as plastic surgery just helps to define your personality as it is and not by your imperfections.