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Hi, Today there is a weird bug on the hero page. For some reasons the hero description is on the bottom.


[02/16] One week news

Hi it's Abikebuk. It will be almost one week the wiki si up in a bit more than 24h. A lot of things happened. A new competitor appeared just a few days after my first reddit post about Epic7Wiki, there was a bot invasion and I made a survey, that you can find here, to get your feedback. I will try to resume that all.

The competitor :

First, I don't count as competitor most of the wiki you can find on the web, which have really low content. However, a few days after I put this website online, my first competitor, which look kinda serious, appeared. This competitor use a wiki hosting platform (Gamepress) and looks at the moment nicer than mine, design wise but is still empty.

I would like to let you know that this competitor gives me more motivation about the Epic7Wiki Project. This competitor is looking for contributors which are at least veteran player which have cleared all the high-end content and highly ranked in Arena. He even pay for contribution. Unfortunately, I can't pay you for that. Being only a student and coming from a humble background, all I can give you is my services.

Mostly, my point is to show you the difference between us and let you the free choice of following one or the other or both.

Unlike the competitor, I am looking for any type of contributors as I think that anyone has his own opinion about how the game works and everyone has his own way to play it. Everyone has his way to clear one content and in this context, I think everyone can write good content.

Furthermore, unlike the competitor, I have all access on this website which also mean I can develop things. I could for example make animations plugins or whatever you wish. If you have any wishes, just fill this short survey to let me know.

In conclusion, I would like to make this website a social place for all Epic Seven players.

Bot invasion :

Two days ago, Epic7Wiki has been victim of bot invasion. As a consequence, a lot of dummies account have been made and lot of weird page have been created by them.

To resolve this problem, I purged most account which were ending with and some other one. Plus all the bot made content has been removed.

In addition, A reCAPTCHA has been implemented to prevent any bot invasion again.

The survey :

Two days ago, I also made a survey to know what you would want in a wiki concerning Epic Seven. You have been a bit more than 30 to answer I first and would like to thank you all for that.

This survey was about the design and direction of the website.

In this part, I will let you know how the website will evolve next.

Design :
You have been a lot to manifest interest in both Light and Dark Theme. To fulfill your wishes, there will be both light and dark theme in the wiki. However I'll start with the light one.

Content : The content will be as detailed as possible.

For this part we are a few to work on that. I would like to thanks first Moomoocows, Dinuk and Pochevite3 for their work on the database.

The content will begin with the heroes description which seems to be the thing you want to see the most. We are working first only on the skill description. The other informations as awaken tree, skill enhance tree and the lore will be added after the end of the skill description.

After filling the data, the descriptions are generated automatically by the wiki and will incorporate skill modifier, effect chance or damage after skill enhance and finally skill modifier will be rewritten to be more representative of the hero's base stat.

For example, Skill 3 of Tenebria will be :

Skill : Nightmare, Cooldown : 6(-1)
Description : Drops Moon of Nightmare on all enemies.
Has a 60% (+15%) chance to Decrease Defense on all enemies.
Grant Increase Attack for Tenebria for 2 turns.

Damage : 294% (Soulburn 10 soul, 360%).
Other notes

I am actually working on the responsive aspect of the wiki. Many users asked me where was the menu section in mobile. At the moment it is just not implemented and will be the first thing I will work on after finishing this news.

This wiki will have changes on live for the moment. It means you may notice changes in color or bugs for a short moment.

Finally, I will work on website design now, in contrary to what I wrote in log because I found some help for the heroes section. Website design also mean I will improve way you write pages, including bootstrap inside the page editor, which is not the case at the moment.

It's a pretty long news and I hope I haven't made you asleep. Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!