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Epic 7 Wiki Log

In this page I will frequently post log of applied changes and future changes for Epic7 Wiki.

  • [22/02] : Lot of UI improvement, Icon added.
    Again changed the color of the wiki. Pretty kitsch colors. Added headline stylesheets, added icons of heroes.
  • [22/02] : UI improvement.
    Added a menu for mobile version. Alignement need improvements but the menu works in all resolutions. Design is work in progress.
  • [21/02] : Some more heroes added.
    Actually fixing bugs and reCAPTCHA added because of a bot invasion. Big purge has been made.
  • [17/02] : More heroes added.
    Heroes will be completed in the alphabetical order. Heroes with name beginning by 'B' to 'C' are completed.
    The design of the wiki will not change for the moment because I need to finish the syntax plugin to make the unit template which is my priority.
    • Epic 7 Wiki Developpement is set in this order : Database > Syntax Plugin > Heroes template stylesheet > Wiki theme.
    • Other pages will be included with time. Included first guide concerning the farming of Nixied 3.
    Theme is still pretty basic, unit template not finished but the wiki is open.
    Changed domain name from to .
    Added all Heroes with name beginning by 'A'.